Wednesday, April 20, 2011

On the way out of Churchill County Fairgrounds on Wednesday (4/13), we dump tanks, filled with fresh water, and then went by the laundromat to do laundry. 

We then headed north on US-95 to its junction with I-80.  There's a rest stop there, and we pulled in to walk the dogs.  A Class A pulled in behind us and, as I was walking Gracie, I saw a man heading purposefully toward Earl and Blaze.  I heard him say, "What are you doing with my dog?"  It turns out that the couple had had three Basenjis, the most recent of which they'd lost a few months prior...AND they live in Spokane during the summer!  We spent probably about half an hour talking with them.

We continued our trip east on I-80 (although at this point, it goes north until it gets to Winnemucca), stopping in Lovelock for lunch.  We then drove the few remaining miles to Rye Patch Reservoir, a frequent stop for us when in this area. 

The next morning (which was COLD!), we got back on the Interstate and stopped at the stone house in Imlay, which we'd often seen traveling up and down I-80, but had never taken the time to visit.  On our Nevada Benchmark Atlas, it's listed simply as "stone house," but it's actually Thunder Mountain Monument, built as a monument to the plight of the American Indian at the hands of the White Man.  You can read more about it at .

We went on to Winnemucca where we stopped for diesel ($4.239).  After fueling, ´╗┐we continued north on US-95 to McDermott where we had lunch at the Say When Casino. 

About 35 miles or so of the Nevada/Oregon border, we pulled over at a gravel pit (one we'd stayed at before) to spend the night.  This gravel pit is out in the middle of freakin' nowhere...not a sign of civilization anywhere, except for the FAA traffic control beacon a few hundred yards to the east.  Yet, I had excellent Verizon Internet access!  Go figure!


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