Monday, April 18, 2011

US-50 (The Lonliest Road)

After visiting Belmont and Manhattan, we continued north on NV-376 to US-50 and then headed west through Austin.  We were headed to Fallon, but it was getting late and it was at least another couple of hours before we'd get to Fallon.  Approximately five miles west of Austin, we came across a large paved area with a historical sign about Jacobsville, a town that served as a Pony Express stop and as a stop for the Overland Stage, now a ghost town, .  We decided to spend the night there.  It turned out to be a nice quiet area...not another vehicle stopped there the entire time we were parked.

The next day, we continued west on US-50, stopping to see several ruins of Pony Express and Overland Stage stops.

This is difficult to read, even when clicked on to make it bigger.  It talks about Robert "Pony Bob" Haslam, a Pony Express rider.  You can learn more about his story by Googling his's one:

We then stopped to see the Shoe Tree.  There weren't many shoes hanging from the trees...turns out that the original shoe tree was cut down by vandals.


We finally made it to Fallon where we spent the night at Churchill County Fairgrounds, stopping first to have lunch at the Golden Rice Bowl.


Blogger Handmade Crafts Done While RVing Blog said...

Oh lol - we where going to take the same route when we where leaving Bishop, CA to head to ID. But we didn't we took a complete different route to get to Rufus the fastest way because it was at the end of winter and in this part of the country was slammed with snow storms after snow storms. I so envy your trip - and that stinks about the tree..


Monday, April 18, 2011  

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