Thursday, April 07, 2011

Tuesday morning after feeding the dogs and packing up the last-minute stuff, we drove down to Kofa Cafe for breakfast and then to Zips to fill up with diesel ($3.949).

We spent Tuesday night at Burro Creek Campground, a BLM campground on US-93 south of Wikieup.  We may have stayed longer, but when the sun went down, millions of little tiny bugs started coming through the screens, hovering around the lights.  So, as quickly as we could, we got ready for bed and turned out the lights!

When the sun came up on Wednesday morning, we took the dogs on their potty walk, fed them, cleaned up as many of the bugs as we could, and headed up the road.  We stopped in Kingman and had breakfast at the Cracker Barrel, did shopping at Wal-Mart and Petco, and then filled up with diesel at the Flying J ($4.059).

When we got into Henderson, we stopped at Camping World to pick up a couple of chairs, and then headed out to our usual camping spot at Las Vegas Bay in the Lake Mead NRA.  Our favorite spot was open, so we pulled in an set up shop. 

Our favorite spot is nice because it's out on sort of a peninsula all by itself.  But, as we found out, it's not a good spot when the wind blows really hard, which it started to do late this morning (Thursday).  We held out as long as we could and finally moved to another spot, not only more sheltered from the wind, but also where our back end is out of the wind so we can actually get our door open!

We are planning on leaving tomorrow, but if the wind remains strong, we'll stay another day...we don't want to be driving in wind like this!

I'll post some pictures later.


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