Friday, May 06, 2011

We've been busy since we returned to Spokane:  Grocery shopping to fill up the pantry again; new shoes for Earl (Skechers); a trip to Costco; bought a coffee bean grinder, which we ended up returning to the manufacturer because it quit working after the first whir; and, most exciting of all, a new car!

We bought a Kia Soul.  We got the base model with the 1.6L engine and the manual transmission.  We've been wanting a car that gets better mileage than the truck with the camper on it for trips around town (it would have come in really handy last year when Earl was undergoing radiation treatments, since we could have parked in the hospital's parking garage instead of having to park a couple of blocks away...uphill and in the snow), and for Arizona where the closest major grocery store is approximately 40 miles one way. 

The reason for getting the manual transmission instead of the automatic is that the manual transmission is the only one towable four-down.  We may not end up spending the money for a base plate, tow bars, and braking system needed to tow it though.  It would costs us upward of $3,000...or equip the truck and car for towing; however, even at $5.00 per gallon for regular gas, it would cost us only around $180 in fuel to make the trip from Spokane to near Brenda where we spend the winters...that's about eight years or more of round trips.

All the Souls come with a Sirius radio, so when we got home, I called Sirius and transferred our subscription from the truck to the car.  We haven't been able to listen to Sirius in the truck since we've put the camper on because the overhang on the camper covers the "hockypuck" antenna built into the cab roof of the truck.

The weather hasn't been the best since we's been cold with some rain.  But it looks like today is going to be nice and it's supposed to warm up next week.  Our daffodils and some of our tulips are blooming, with more tulips to bloom in the next few days.  I'm eager to see all the iris in bloom later on this spring (I planted many of my Grandmother's iris as I could last year).  The Bleeding Hearts are just beginning to bloom, and we have other flowers starting to come up, although some of them won't bloom until later in the summer.


Blogger Jorge and Evielynne's RV Road Adventures said...

I so love this time of year - looks like rain for us today? Rufus is so green but today the gray skies are in full force. glad your bulbs are almost out!!


Friday, May 06, 2011  

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