Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mojave National Preserve

We left Death Valley and drove south, stopping in Baker for lunch at Denny's and to get gas for the Lazy Daze ($2.889/gallon). We looked for the Visitor's Center for the Mojave National Preserve, but found that it had been moved into the Preserve itself.

The Mojave National Preserve Visitor's Center is now housed in what was, at one time, the train depot in the small town of Kelso. We have never been in this Preserve before, but will definitely have to come back and do some exploring of the area.

After we left the Visitor's Center, we continued south, looking for a place where we could pull off the road to spend the night. We didn't find anyplace until we'd almost made it to I-40, but finally pulled off onto a short, paved, spur road and parked. We could see the Interstate, but were far enough away, that the noise didn't bother us...and we had a nice view of the surrounding countryside.

Miles driven: 223.5
GPS coordinates: N34 43.585 / W115 40.816


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