Thursday, January 11, 2007

We got a call from Denny at Sunfire RV in Mesa today saying that our Excel came off the line today and will be leaving the factory tomorrow. They expect delivery by sometime on Monday! It'll take them (Sunfire) a day or two for the PDI (pre-delivery inspection), so we're probably looking at going over for our walk through on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. Denny said he'd call us on Monday to make arrangements for our walk through.

Of course, we won't be able to take it home with us then, because we have to take out-of-state delivery in Blythe (in order to avoid paying Arizona sales tax, which is higher that South Dakota's 3%). This consists of a driver hauling the rig over to Blythe, we all appear before a Notary to sign paper, and then we can hook up and take it home!

Hank (our realtor) came over to ask if it was OK to have an open house on Monday. Real estate has been really slow here this winter, so he's hoping that an open house might drum up some interest. Apparently, the people from Utah who were so hot to get down here to view our house and one other that their friends had previewed, are STILL in Utah!


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