Saturday, December 09, 2006

To update since my last post:

After days of trying to order a Net 10 phone online -- unsuccessfully -- we drove into Blythe and bought one at K-Mart. The Net 10 phone is a pay-as-you go plan and looks to have some decent coverage (per the online map) -- not as extensive, perhaps, as Verizon, but we thought we'd try it out this year as we're traveling and see how it works. If it works in "most" of the places that our Verizon phone works, we may cancel our Verizon service when our contract is up. We'd certainly save a lot of money since we never come close to using up the 400 minutes per month we get with Verizon (their lowest cost plan).

We had a 7-way harness and plug installed in the truck and ordered a tonneau cover for it. We got a Fold-A-Cover which really looks sharp on the truck. We received the cover this week and Earl and I actually installed it ourselves!

We have the Lazy Daze completely cleaned out and will put it down on the corner of Kuehn and Covey next week so that it gets more exposure. We did have someone come by yesterday who really seemed interested in buying it, so maybe that will work out. If not, with more and more people arriving in Quartzsite, hopefully we'll get it sold soon.


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