Friday, December 29, 2006

We had someone come by to view the house today -- the first time since we put it up for sale shortly after we returned to Quartzsite in October!

The housing market has been slow, and to top if off, not many people have been in Quartzsite compared with the number that are usually here. But Earl and I have noticed a marked increase in traffic since Christmas, so maybe people were waiting until after the holidays to make the trek south.

Anyway, the people who came to see the house today were looking for some friends of their's who live in Ogden, Utah. The realtor took them around to see several properties and, apparently, they narrowed the choice down to our house and one other. The potential buyers are on their way here...or will be shortly, so they may be here sometime next week, maybe the week after.

Keep your fingers crossed that they decide to make us an offer!


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