Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cathedral Gorge State Park

While we were in the Las Vegas area, we did some shopping at Camping World and Costco.

We went to Camping World just to buy refills for our "fat trapper," the container we pour bacon grease into. But, of course, you can't leave Camping World without buying a bunch of other stuff, too! We ended up buying a new set of acrylic tumblers (the ones we had were beginning to crack), and a new folding colander. The folding colander I had was the one from "As Seen On TV," and while it did take up little space when folded, it was a bear to clean. The one from Camping World should be much easier to clean!

We bought diesel at the Circle K, which had the cheapest diesel price in Henderson ($3.899/gallon) according to this MSN website: Local Gas Prices. I like this site a lot better than the Gas Buddy website since it gets the prices every night directly from the gas stations, whereas the Gas Buddy website relies on user input. In my personal experience, the MSN site will return a lot more stations within an area that the Gas Buddy site.

Rather than return to Henderson and drive through Las Vegas on the Interstate, we left the area the back way, taking Northshore Drive (SR-147, which becomes SR-169) through Overton to I-15. This road puts you on I-15 at Exit 93 at which point, we got on the Interstate heading back to Las Vegas and got off at Exit 88. Getting off at Exit 88 was a mistake as we should have gotten off at Exit 91. However, our Benchmark Nevada Atlas showed an Exit 90 which dumped right onto SR-168, which was the road we wanted to take. Wrong! There is no Exit 90! Getting off at Exit 88, we the had to head north on Hidden Valley Road, an OK drive, just a few miles longer than if we'd gotten off at Exit 91.

We were originally planning on spending the night at Upper Pahranagat Lake Campground located on Pahranagat Lake in the Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge. However, there were no camp spots open...the campground host said that Site 13 would be open soon since the Boy Scouts, who were in the spot, would be leaving soon. However, we could still see lots of kids out running around playing, so it didn't look like they were ready to leave anytime soon, so we left and continued on to Cathedral Gorge State Park just north of Panaca, Nevada. Before going into the park, we stopped at the Panaca Junction to fill up with diesel ($4.299/gallon).

Miles driven: 220.8
GPS coordinates: N 37° 49.274' / W 114° 24.964'


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