Sunday, May 25, 2008

Nyssa, OR

We arrived at Simpson's RV Park in Nyssa, OR just around lunchtime.

This is the RV park we've always stayed at every time we've come here to visit my Aunt Ilene. When we first started coming here, the cost was $12 per day or $72 per weeks. It's now $16 per day or $96 per week...still reasonable considering the price of other RV parks. The last time we were here, two years ago, this park was filled with highway workers. I guess the highway project must be still going on, because there were only two full hookup spaces left when we arrived. It looks like most of the people here are settled in pretty much permanently...not the kind of RV park at which we'd normally stay, but there's not much choice around here without driving a long way.

After having lunch at the local A&W, we went over to Ilene's house to visit and have dinner with her.

We originally planned on staying here just two nights, but the weather turned bad and the wind was blowing hard, so we decided to spring for a week's stay, hoping the weather -- and the wind -- would improve before we left.

During the week, we visited with Ilene, ordering takeout from the local Chinese restaurant, Wong's, having pizza one night, and Earl barbecued hamburgers another night. We also took a trip into Ontario, trying to find Earl some new slippers, but didn't have much luck (granted, we didn't look really hard).

On Sunday, we went to the cemetery with Ilene to put flowers on graves. My grandmother and grandfather (my mother's parents) are buried here, as well as their son, Marion (Ilene's husband). Another uncle, my grandmother's brother, is buried here, too, along with his son, both of whom were killed in tragic accidents. Ilene's grandparents are also buried here.
After we left the cemetery, we stopped by the gas station to fill up with diesel ($4.869/gallon).


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