Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jerome Elks Lodge

The gravel pit south of Wells was such a nice location...quiet with a great view...that we decided to stay an extra day, which may have been a mistake. By the afternoon of the second day it had become very windy and cloudy, and all the mountains around us disappeared from view...even the one east of us that was quite close.

When we woke up this morning, it was lightly snowing, but by the time we were ready to pull out, it was snowing quite heavily...fortunately, none of it was sticking on the road. We stopped for diesel in Wells ($4.179/gallon) and to have breakfast at Burger King.

We ran into snow showers off and on all the way to Twin Falls, and the closer we got to Twin Falls, the harder the wind was blowing. By the time we arrived at the Elks Lodge north of I-84 and Twin Falls (actually the Jerome Elks Lodge), it was blowing up a gale!

After setting up and unhooking, we drove back into Twin Falls to the Schuck's Auto Parts to buy a new air hose and chuck (the one we had broke this morning while trying to air up one of the tires on the fifth wheel).

Miles driven: 174.6
GPS coordinates: N 42° 41.7048' / W 114° 26.5480'


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