Monday, April 21, 2008

Pioche City Park

View out our back window

Today we moved from the state park into the town of Pioche. Pioche City Park has 10 RV spaces all with water and sewer hookups. It's free (donations accepted) and you can stay here for up to seven days.

Since one of our propane tanks was empty, Earl put it in the back of the pickup and went to see if there was any place in town to get it filled up. There isn't. The closest place to get a propane tank filled is in Caliente, about 25 miles back down US-93.

So we headed out to Caliente to get the tank filled. When we arrived, it was just past noon, and the propane place was closed for lunch. So we had lunch at the Knotty Pine Restaurant and then did some grocery shopping at the local (small) grocery store. By that time, the propane place was open and they filled our tank.

Miles driven: 12.6
GPS coordinates: N 37° 56.283' / W 114° 27.111'


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