Thursday, April 17, 2008

We drove into Pioche to pick up our mail and had lunch at the Silver Cafe. We also wanted to see if there was a grocery store in Pioche (there isn't...the closest one is in Panaca, about 10 or so miles down the road) and to check out the Pioche City Park which, according to Don Wright's Guide to Free Campgrounds, West, has free RV parking.

Don's book said the park was located behind the Post Office. It isn't. The only thing behind the Post Office is a small fee-based RV park. Thinking that this was the city park-turned RV park, we continued on our tour around town. Imagine our surprise when we stumbled onto the Pioche City Park quite by accident. Not only isn't it behind the Post Office, it isn't anywhere near the Post Office (other than for the fact that Pioche is a small town, and nothing is too far from anything else)! The Pioche City Park is located behind, and to the south of the big, white, County Courthouse and directly across the street from the Pioche Public Pool. You can't miss the County Courthouse when coming into's about a quarter of a mile or so up Main Street after turning off US-93 and is on the right-hand side of the road. At first I thought this was the Million Dollar Courthouse." It isn't. Here's a picture of the current Lincoln County Courthouse located in Pioche.


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