Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The knife valve on our gray water tank hasn't been closing all the way allowing water to drain out. Earl got under the fifth wheel and took the cover off the access area, but couldn't find anything obviously wrong. He did oil the cable that opens and closes the knife valve and that helped since the gray tank filled to capacity. However, it's back to leaking again, so we're going to take the fifth wheel in to RV Lifestyles Friday morning to have the problem fixed. It's not a problem when we're hooked up to sewer at an RV park, but will be a problem when we're dry camping.

As we were leaving RV Lifestyles after making an appointment to bring the fifth wheel in, we noticed a display for the Firestone air bags. We made a 180-degree turn and returned to talk to James about having them install them when we bring the fifth wheel in.

Instead of the air bags, James recommended Amtech's RollGard stabilizer, so we're going to have it installed at the same time that they're fixing the gray tank's drain valve.


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