Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Well, we're down off the mountain...went as far as Aquarius Campground near the end of the paved section of FR-247, about 24 miles from Headquarters, and spent the night there.  Thunder, lightening, and HAIL during the night!  Noisy inside the camper with the hail bouncing off the plastic vent covers and skylight cover in the bathroom.  Maxx didn't like it at all!
We drove the remaining portion of SR-11 through Pierce and Weippe, down the mountain to Greer at its junction with US-12.  On the map, the last section of road down to Greer looked to be really exciting...it twists and turns its way down the mountain and has lots of 15- and 20-MPH curves, but the road has wide shoulders and concrete barriers on most turns (and we were on the inside for most of the trip down), so it wasn't as bad as we had feared it would be.
We're spending tonight at the city park in Kamiah...free for 48-hours or $5 per night with electricity.


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