Thursday, June 25, 2009

Before leaving Twin Falls this morning, we stopped to fill up with diesel ($2.699), do grocery shopping at Wal-Mart and pick up a few items at Costco.

We then headed north on US-93 and SR-75, stopping along the way to visit the Mammoth Cave and Shoshone Bird Museum of Natural History. Mammoth Cave is a large lava tube...according to their website, it is the largest lava tube in the world open to the public. We were given propane lanterns to view the cave. Unfortunately, they don't really illuminate the cave really well...maybe in the future, they'll put in lights so it is better illuminated.

The Bird Museum was interesting...besides stuffed birds, there were mammals such as Bobcats, butterfly collections, Native American collections of baskets and pots.

By the time we were through there, we didn't feel like touring another cave, so didn't stop to see the Ice Cave a little farther north. After reading about it, though, we might stop and tour it at another time.

In the middle picture, below, you'll notice some carved stone heads. There were many of these heads sitting around the place...but I forgot to ask about them, so don't know the story behind them.


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