Monday, June 22, 2009

We were planning on spending a couple of days in Idaho Falls and then go north to Ashton to drive the Mesa Falls Scenic Byway and the Teton Scenic Byway. But, when we checked the weather report on Saturday, we found that on Sunday, the area was supposed to have "severe" thunderstorms (defined as damaging winds, hail, and rain). So we decided to leave the two byways for a later time and headed south on I-15 and then west on I-86 and I-84. Along the way, we did run into heavy rain and, while it wasn't quite hail, it was more than just rain. We spent last night at the Elks Lodge in Jerome (north of Twin Falls).

Today dawned clear and sunny. After breakfast, we headed off to Costco trying to find a new Benchmark Idaho Atlas since the one we have is several years old and falling apart, but they didn't have one (we'd stopped at the Costco in Pocatello yesterday, too, looking for the map, but they didn't have one, either).

We had lunch at Arby's and then went to the Visitor's Center and then on to view Shoshone Falls, east of Twin Falls.

Tonight, we're at Rock Creek RV Park, a Twin Falls city park ($11 for water and electric hookups).

Golf course in the Snake River Canyon, taken from the Visitor's Center.

L.B. Perrine Bridge. 1500' long, 486' maximum height above the Snake River Canyon.

Shoshone Falls. 212' high (50' higher than Niagara Falls).


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