Saturday, June 06, 2009

Dworshak Dam

Yesterday, we decided to drive into Orofino to find out where the laundromat is so that we can stop on our way out of town on Monday to do laundry.
As we passed the area on US-12 where one can see the dam, we noticed water coming over the spillway.  Since the reservoir level wasn't anywhere near the spillway when we visited back on May 16, we decided to make our first stop the Visitor's Center at the dam.
On the 16th, the Visitor's Center wasn't open, but we found it open today and had a nice long chat with the volunteers manning the Center.  They told us that the reservoir has been filling up at the rate of around 2' per day lately due to all the snow melt.
Here are pictures which I took of the reservoir level them to the pictures taken back on May 16.  The steps in the one picture weren't anywhere near the water back the lower portion is submerged.
After we left the Visitor's Center, we stopped for diesel ($2.539) and then looked for the laundromat.  We finally found it (after having received bad directions from a local), and it looks pretty clean and in good repair, so we'll stop there on Monday.


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