Thursday, June 04, 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009

We arrived at the Pink House BLM Recreation Area on Tuesday afternoon.  From McCall/New Meadows, we drove north on US-95 to Grangeville and then on SR-13 to Kooskia where we caught US-12 into Orofino, this time getting off US-95 at White Bird and driving up the old road.  Wild roses were in bloom, and the air smelled wonderful!
US-12, at the turn off to Orofino, is undergoing construction and they're stopping traffic occasionally.  We arrived in line just as they were letting people continue west on US-12, but suddenly, they stopped traffic again...somebody's two dogs had jumped out of their car and were running around!  Earl overheard the flagger say that it was the third time just that day that dogs had jumped out of vehicles while they were stopped.
RANT: Why do people allow their animals to ride in a vehicle unrestrained???  They wouldn't think of letting their KIDS ride unrestrained and, hopefully, they, themselves, are wearing seat belts and shoulder harnesses.  In an emergency stop, or an accident, a pet can become a missile, injuring or killing themselves or someone else.  Even if they survive the accident, they are then free to run out into traffic and become lost or perhaps get run over.
Pets should either be in a travel carrier (that is secured with a seat belt), or they should wear a seat belt harness (which is attached to the seat belt).  END OF RANT.


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