Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday, May 30, 2009

We're sitting in a church parking lot in Council, ID having lunch...and I have Internet access!
Yesterday's trip to Hells Canyon was a disappointment.  We missed the turnoff to go up to the Visitor's Center, and once we figured it out, we were several miles down the road and didn't feel like turning back.  So we ended up boondocking outside of McCormick Park on Oxbow Reservoir just downstream from the Brownlee Dam.  It was over 90 degrees, so we turned on the generator and the A/C.  Fortunately, it cooled off in the evening.  The biggest disappointment, for me, was that I was expecting to see the deep canyon of Hells Canyon...I don't know where one can see that, but it certainly isn't at this location!  We'll have to do some more research to find out WHERE we can actually see the canyon and go earlier or later in the year when the temperatures are cooler.
The road southeast into Cambridge was exciting, particularly as it winds it's way along Brownlee travels right along the edge of the drop off with little in the way of shoulders and very few guard rails!  Next time we come this way, we'll travel from Cambridge...that way, we'll be on the INSIDE!
We stopped in Cambridge to dump tanks and fill up with water and then in Council to fill up an empty propane tank. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is such a bummer that your trip to Hells Canyon was not fantastic! That is a beautiful area! The only way you can see the deepest points in Hells Canyon is by jet boat or raft. Hells Canyon Adventures offers jet boat tours and one day white water rafting adventures that leave start at Hells Canyon Dam. I highly recommend you check out there website Also, you can see the canyon from the top down at the Hells Canyon Overlook. You have to take Forest Service Road #39 to get to the Hells Canyon Overlook. Hope your next venture into Hells Canyon is better!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009  
Blogger Earl and Linda said...

Thanks for the tip about time we're in the area, we'll check it out. As for the jet boat or white water rafting trip, those sound like fun, but it's not something we can do while we still have Maxx since we can't be gone from the rig for a whole day (now, with his health problems, we can't be gone from the rig for more than a few hours since he drinks copious amount of water and, thus, needs to pee frequently...even necessitating one of us gets up during the night to take him out).

Wednesday, June 03, 2009  

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