Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

This is my first chance to make a post since we were at the city park in Kamiah since we haven't had Internet access since then.
When we left Kamiah on Wednesday, we went by the laundromat in town to do laundry (of course...why else does one go to a laundromat).  We walked in the door and quickly turned around and walked out again...bad!  Of the half-dozen or more front-loaders along one wall, most of them had "out of order" signs on the place just didn't look clean.  We did stop at the Texaco station next to Harvest Foods grocery store which had the least expensive diesel that we'd seen in town, $2.359.
We checked out the laundromat as we went through Kooskia, too, but pretty much the same story as Kamiah...bad. 
So on we went to Grangeville...very pretty drive on SR-13 between Kooskia and Grangeville,  particularly once the valley in which Grangeville sits opens up to view.  Earl tells me we've been through Grangeville before, but I don't remember...maybe we came in from the opposite direction and the views aren't as grand?
Anyway, we found the laundromat in wasn't so bad, so we did laundry and then went to Subway for lunch.
When we left Grangeville, we drove south on US-95 toward White Bird.  Our intention was to leave US-95 and drive the old 95, which is now CR-95, but we missed the turnoff, so we'll have to try again at a later date.  However, even on US-95, the views heading south into White Bird are FABULOUS!  Wow!  I did take some pictures, which I'll post later (the connection is too slow where we are currently to try sending pictures), but I know they won't do justice to the view.
About 5 miles south of White Bird, and just after passing over the Salmon River, we pulled off into Twin Bridges Sportsman Access to spend the night.  It's a large, grassy area next to the Salmon River where you can camp for up to 10 days...for free.
In the morning, while Earl was walking Maxx, he noticed a lone duckling swimming in the some what quiet waters along the edge of the appears that it had gotten separated from its mother.  Hope the little thing finds her soon...I don't know how long a small duckling can survive on its own.
This morning, we continued our trip down US-95 and then on SR-55 once we got to New Meadows.  We're spending the night at Tripod Sportsman Access west of Smiths Ferry a couple of miles.  Strangely, while we have no phone service on our Net10 phone, we DO have Internet access with our Verizon USB modem...slow, but useable, at least for email.


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