Sunday, June 28, 2009

We headed north on SR-75 stopping along the way to check out the campgrounds around Alturas Lake.

There are three campgrounds along the lake: Smokey Bear, North Shore & Inlet. Smokey Bear is down by the lake and has a boat ramp, North Shore sits higher above the lake, and Inlet is at the south end of the lake and is on Alturas Lake Creek. All are $15 per day (half-price with the Golden Age/Golden Access Passports (now the Senior/Access Passes). Of the three, we liked Inlet better, although once we get our Sea Eagle inflatable boat (on order), we may opt for Smokey Bear.

We then stopped to check out the campgrounds around Little Redfish Lake and Redfish Lake, located about five miles south of Stanley. The two campground around Little Redfish Lake, Chinook Bay and Mountain View plus Mt. Heyburn Campground on Redfish Lake are first come/first serve campgrounds. At the others, one must have reservations.

We found a site at Mt. Heyburn Campground that we looked like it might have satellite TV access (it does) and since we're only about 5 miles from Stanley, I figured we'd have Internet access, too (we do). We've signed up for two nights, but we may decide to stay over the 4th of July weekend.

Before we reached the turnoff for Alturas Lake, we stopped at Galena Overlook, just after passing over Galena Summit and took these pictures:


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