Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Guess I should update this blog...haven't written anything since the 1st!

The Fourth of July passed quietly at Mt. Heyburn Campground...it rained in the evening, so if any firework shows were planned around the area, I imagine they were cancelled.

The 5th dawned cloudy and rainy, Earl hadn't had any luck at any of the fishing holes, so we decided to leave a day early. We got everything stowed, the camper jacked up and Earl drove underneath. He has to stop a couple of feet before the front of the camper hits the truck bed in order to plug the camper into the truck...that's when he discovered that, somehow, the plastic housing on the plug was broken. We have no idea how it happened, but Earl had a heck of a time trying to get the two pieces together enough to be able to plug it in...without the plug, we'd have no tail lights on the camper. He did finally get it plugged in, and all the lights worked, so we were off toward Salmon where we had planned on spending a week.

I say we had planned on spending a week, but we've changed plans, once again. We're staying at the Elks Lodge and our Elks Travel Guide said it was $10 per day for full hookups. However, when we got here, we found out that the price had increased to $15. Still, not too bad a price considering what the other RV parks in the area are asking, but more than we like to pay. Earl paid for only three days...we'll head off tomorrow back toward Stanley for a mini family get together, checking out campgrounds and other places to spend a night along the way. Since we don't have to be back in Stanley until Sunday, the trip back will be much slower than the trip up to Salmon.

We found a place here in Salmon to repair the plug on the camper, we did grocery shopping, laundry, and Earl bought a funnel and a quart of oil so that he can change the oil on the generator (as soon as we finish the coffee in the now nearly empty coffee can so that he has some place to drain the old oil). We'll probably stop by the grocery store again tomorrow morning as we head out of town to buy supplies for the dinners we'll prepare in Stanley next week (the grocery store in Stanley has a pretty poor selection).

Today, after finishing laundry, we drove to the Sportsman Access area located on the river directly across from the Elks Lodge to have lunch. There is an Osprey nest on a tall pole that we've been keeping an eye on with our binoculars. Today, we got a much closer look as we were eating and were thrilled to be able to see the mama Osprey feeding her three chicks. She had what we assume was a fish, and was tearing chunks off it and stuffing the chunks into the chicks' mouths. Daddy Osprey was sitting in a tree nearby. And, as we left, we stopped to take pictures of a colt that didn't look to be very old. Mama was being very protective, trying to stay between us and her colt...note the look she's giving us!


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