Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sticky geranium
Geranium viscosissimum

When we left Moonestone Landing on Friday morning, we headed for my mother's house in Melba. We had a nice visit with her and a yummy steak dinner that evening.

The next morning, Saturday, before we left, my brother Andy, brought us over some fresh veggies from his garden: green beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, corn on the cob, and others. Nothin' better than veggies fresh from a garden!

We stopped in Notus to fill with diesel ($2.699) and had lunch in Nyssa at the A&W. This time on our way west, we drove US-26...we have not driven this road east past John Day, so the portion from Vale to John Day was new to us. We spent the night at Yellowpine Campground along the road.

On Sunday evening, we stayed at the Elks Lodge in Prineville.

Monday morning, we left Prineville and continued our trip west to Springfield. Before leaving Prineville, we stopped to fill with diesel ($2.649) and stopped at the Wal-Mart in Springfield to do grocery shopping.

Our appointment with AM Solar was to be mid-morning on Tuesday, but after we were finished at Wal-Mart, we called them to see if they had room for us to park overnight so that we'd be there on Tuesday whenever they were ready for us, and they said come on over.

We made the appointment at AM Solar because we had discovered that our generator wasn't charging the batteries (solar does a great job of charging the batteries except on those cloudy days). Although our appointment wasn't until Tuesday, Greg came out to take a look and discovered that the Inteli-Power wasn't plugged into the converter...either it had not been plugged in to begin with, or the cord had worked itself out going over bumpy roads. Since the cord is short, we may have to end up getting an extension cord, but for the present, at least, that solved the problem!

We did spend the night at AM Solar. The next morning we left and did laundry. While I was doing the laundry, Earl went to dump the gray tank and fill up an empty propane tank. After laundry was done, we went to the self-service dog washing place to which Deb Holder (of AM Solar) had given us a $2-off coupon. Maxx doesn't like getting wet, but he sure does feel a lot better when he's all clean!

After that, we shopped at Costco, went to Camping World, and had lunch at McDonalds. Usually when we eat at McDonalds, we order off the Dollar Menu, but this time we both ordered their Angus Burger...yum!

Finally, we were done with all our chores, so headed off east on SR-58 and spent the night at a Sno Park at Willamette Pass.

Yesterday, we went through Christmas Valley and headed up a gravel road to the Crack in the Ground (scroll down to the article), a 2-mile long fissure. I've taken pictures, but don't have them uploaded from my camera yet, so will post them another time.

We're currently parked at Sage Hen Rest Area west of Burns and are heading to Fish Lake in the Steens Mountain. We probably won't have Internet access while we're up there.


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