Sunday, October 18, 2009

Butter and eggs
Linaria vulgaris

We spent just two days in Death Valley...probably would have spent longer, but when Earl went up to pay for the first two days (using the automatic credit card machine at the entrance to the campground), he didn't read the instructions closely enough and ended up paying full price ($12 per day) instead of the Golden Age Passport/Senior Pass price ($6). So, instead of $12 for the two days, we ended up paying $24. Since I wasn't willing to sink even more money into staying, we left after the second day.

We've been spending the last week at the Escapees park in Pahrump. This town has grown since we were last here (in 2005) least we don't remember there being a Super Wal-Mart in town back then, and we drove into Pahrump the same way we did this time, from Death Valley, so I think we would have noticed it.

We haven't done a lot since we've been here other than grocery shopping. We did spend one morning driving around town just to see what was here, but mostly we've been taking it easy.

We'll be leaving tomorrow morning to continue our trip south toward Quartzsite. Don't know where we'll stop tomorrow night.


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