Saturday, October 03, 2009

Common tansy
Tanacetum vulgare
It's time to start heading farther south! It's been cold here at nights...last night was down below 20 degrees. We unhook the water hose at night and work off the water in our tank during the night, and then in the morning, we hook the water back up. This morning started off nice and sunny, but the clouds have moved in and it's been snowing off an on...not real heavy snow since the outside temperature is just below 40 degrees, but still..... When we were in Bend staying at the Elks Club and as we were heading south on US-97 to where we're currently staying, the Three Sisters didn't have any snow on them (other than for the few remaining glaciers), but they're now covered in snow!
Yesterday, we had breakfast out and then drove to Bend to see if the Best Buy had received the PRS600 (Sony Touch eReader) on the truck that came in last night. Fortunately, they did so we bought one for Earl to we don't have to carry the weight of books (except, of course, for our atlases and directories). We also stopped at Costco to do shopping.


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