Monday, October 26, 2009

White mariposa lilly
Calochortus eurycarpus

Well, here we are still at the Escapees park in Pahrump!

We were planning on leaving last Monday, but the wind picked up and was supposed to blow through Wednesday, so we decided to stay another week. While we were here, Earl took the truck into town to get the oil changed at the Grease Monkey. Other than that, we had another quiet week.

This park has a nice, very large, dog run not too far from our site where we take Maxx for his "walks." The couple across from the dog run has a Boston Terrier that is often out in the run at the same time as Maxx, so Maxx has another dog to play with (although, at 14 years, Maxx isn't much into playing). Earl got to talking with the couple and told them about our plans to spend some time in Yuma this winter so that we can go across the border to Algodones for Earl's dental work. They gave us the name of the dentist they use as well as an eye doctor they've used. I will solicit other recommendations on some of the RV lists to which I belong, but this is a start.

We WILL be leaving Pahrump today...the wind is nice and calm. We're probably going to head toward Shoshone and Baker and drive through the Mojave National Preserve to I-40. From there, we'll head east to US-95 and south to Quartzsite...not all in one day, of course. We probably won't make Quartzsite until Tuesday or Wednesday.


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