Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Leafy aster
Symphyotrichum foliaceum

Happy Thanksgiving everyone...hope y'all have a great day and eat lots of turkey!

We'll be leaving here (Running Lizard RV Park) tomorrow and heading out to BLM land near Quartzsite to park for a week or so. Maxx has surgery on December 1 to have a tumor (non-cancerous) removed, and while he's under, his teeth will be cleaned. Hopefully, he'll make it through surgery OK...I worry about his undergoing surgery at his age and his having heart problems due to Valley Fever, although he's doing pretty well.

We signed up for an annual spot at an RV park in Salome, about 16 miles east of Quartzsite...Gateway Ranch RV Resort. We thought we'd give it a try before our name comes up for a lot at the Escapees park in Sutherlin, Oregon to see how we like it (we're currently #33 on the list, which means we probably have at least a year, perhaps more, to wait until we're at #1).

I'm going to be cooking a turkey breast today plus all the fixin's. Since we only eat the breast on a turkey, anyway, and it's difficult to find a small turkey, the breast fits the bill for us...not to mention the oven and the refrigerator!


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