Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pearly everlasting
Anaphalis margaritacea

On Friday, December 18, before moving to Mike and Mary's lot, we took our fifth wheel by RV Lifestyles to have the Wilson Shorty RV Through Roof antenna installed (it requires a hole be drilled through the roof...something we didn't want to attempt).

We also had them look at our water heater to see if they could discover what was wrong with it. When we stayed at the Passport America park near Klamath Falls in early October, we had smelled a strong odor of burning wires when we plugged in and turned on the water heater. We quickly unplugged, leaving the fifth wheel unplugged from electric the rest of the night. We've been using the propane to heat water since. RV Lifestyles couldn't find anything wrong with the water burned wires, no shorts.

When we got to Mike & Mary's place and set up, we turned on the electric water smell of burning wires (so the burning wire smell in Klamath Falls was probably the RV park's wiring), but also no hot water. It appears that the electric element on the water heater is out, so we'll have to have it replaced at some point in time. For the present, though, we are just using propane.

We had a quiet Christmas...I cooked a ham for dinner plus all the fixin's and Earl watched football games.

Maxx went back to the vet on Monday, January 4, to get a new round of antibiotics because of the teeth cleaning he'd had done December 1. He'd picked up a cough in the meantime, and the antibiotics helped, but they didn't completely get rid of his cough, so we'll have to take him back for some more.

On my birthday (January 5), we had breakfast at Taco Mio and then drove up to Lake Havasu City to buy chairs for our dining table. These are the chairs we bought, except we did not put the arms on them. The chairs that came with the fifth wheel keep loosening at the joints...Earl and Mike had taken both of them apart earlier this year and reglued them, but mine was starting to come loose again. The new chairs are adjustable and, since they swivel, it makes getting out of them much easier.

We ordered a water softener for our rig...the Watts M7001 Portable Water Softener, which was delivered on Friday. Saturday, we picked up salt and Earl got the softener up and running...boy, is it nice to have soft water again!


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