Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Maxx's Surgery

Maxx came through surgery OK today...whew! He's still a bit groggy, so he's currently sleeping it off in his bucket (the vet does surgery at 8 AM before they open at 9, and since they close at noon, the animals haven't completely worn off their anesthesia by the time the owners have to take them home). The vet gave us some antibiotics for Maxx and wants to see him again tomorrow morning to check the sutures on his butt where they removed the tumor.

We'll have to pick up some more antibiotics on January 1 (I guess it'll have to be the 2nd since they probably won't be open on New Year's Day) for another 5-day round because of his teeth which were in bad shape. He may have to end up having some removed (he had three removed in 2006 at the vets in Burns, Oregon when we were volunteering at Malheur NWR).

Depending on what the vet says tomorrow, we may be heading down to Yuma soon so that Earl can go to a dentist in Algodones to have a new partial made.


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