Monday, April 19, 2010

After doing laundry yesterday, draining our tanks, and filling up with fresh water, we left Spokane around 9:00 AM and headed south, stopping in Colfax for lunch.

Since it was a little past 4:00 PM as we neared LaGrande, we stopped at Hilgard Junction State Park planning on spending the night, only to find it not yet open for the season! So we went on to Thunder RV to see if we could get the bathroom fan fixed, but they didn't have the parts necessary. We then drove out to the factory, but by then, it was nearly 5:00 PM, so we'll come back tomorrow morning and they'll replace our fan entirely (apparently, the fix isn't as simple as a cotter pin, which explains why we didn't find any parts sitting on the screen).

Mony, the General Manager of Eagle Cap, directed us to Morgan Lake located in the hills to the west of La Grande. It's really nice up here, although the gravel road getting here was pretty steep. The lake has several camping spots around it with picnic tables...and the best part is it's free!


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