Saturday, May 01, 2010


That's what we have!

We were supposed to be moving into our house today, even had all the furniture set to be delivered. We got the key to the house from our realtor yesterday morning and went by the house to see what was going on (the seller had until 9:00 PM last night to get out).

It was apparent when we drove up that something was not right...there was still a lock on the shed, and the porch still had all the chairs and stuff on it. Since the seller was there, we knocked on the door. Apparently, he had told HIS realtor that he could not get movers in until this coming Tuesday...a fact that his realtor failed to convey to us, despite the fact that everyone knew that the house was closing yesterday.

I don't really understand the situation...the seller knew when closing was way back at the beginning of April when we all agreed on a price and the terms of the sale. I find it hard to believe that at that point in time, he could not have found a moving company that would be able to move him out of the house prior to closing. Or, failing that, that his realtor never thought it necessary to inform anyone that the seller would not be able to get out of the house by the scheduled closing. If we had known, we could have postponed the closing.

As it is, he's living in OUR house, using OUR electricity (because I scheduled the electric company service to start yesterday). And I had to scramble to call the three places that were to deliver furniture today to postpone the delivery until Wednesday. Hopefully, everyone of them got the message, although I've only heard back from one of the places.

We made it clear to our realtor and to the seller that he MUST vacate the house on Tuesday because we're moving in on Wednesday come hell or high water! If that means he has to live in a motel and put his stuff in storage, so be it. But if he's still there on Wednesday morning, we'll be seeking out an attorney.