Thursday, April 22, 2010

Maxx got us up just after 5:30 AM on Tuesday morning, so we went packed everything up and drove back down the side of the mountain. We stopped at McDonalds for breakfast, and then drove out to the Eagle Cap factory to have the fan replaced, arriving there just after 7:00 AM.

While the guy who replaced our fan was on the roof, he went around and checked all the caulking and recaulked where necessary. Great service!
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After the fan was replaced, we continued south, arriving at my Mom's place in Melba, ID around 4:00 PM.

Since then, we've been taking it pretty easy, enjoying visiting with Mom. We did go out yesterday intending to shop at Wal Mart, but when we got there, there were people standing around and three fire engines in front of the store with ladders going to the roof. The story we got from the checker at Albertsons, which is where we ended up shopping (it's located across the street from Wal Mart), was that the McDonalds inside Wal Mart had a fire. It was apparently a small one since we never saw smoke or flames, and by the time we were through shopping at Albertsons, people were going back inside Wal Mart. That was our excitement for the day! ;-)


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