Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We met with the oncologist on Friday, October 8 to go over the options for the treatment of Earl's prostate cancer.

The first thing that happened, since Earl had expressed an interest in having the internal radiation where radioactive "seeds" are implanted into the prostate (implant radiation or brachytherapy), was that the oncology nurse, using props, showed us exactly what was involved in the procedure.

We then met with the oncologist who went over in more detail what was involved in both the internal and implant radiation options. Part of the reason that Earl had decided on the implant radiation was that he thought he'd be done and we could be out of here sooner. However, as it turns out, the implants wouldn't have been done for several weeks because there is so much preliminary work that has to be done, and then we'd have to hang around for three weeks afterward for a follow-up visit with the oncologist.

Since the time frame for each type of radiation would be about the same, and the external radiation is not invasive like brachytherapy is, Earl decided on the external radiation.

On Monday, Earl had his first visit to the radiation department...this was just a preliminary visit where they determined the areas where the radiation will go and put semi-permanent marks on the body...the first radiation treatment will start tomorrow. There are a total of 38 treatments, so excluding Thanksgiving Day, Earl will have his last treatment on December 6. We should be out of here on December 7 (fingers crossed)!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As an old guy with prostate problems taking two different pills a day to keep my enlarged prostate problems under control, I wish you good luck brother. Good Luck and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.


Thursday, October 14, 2010  
Blogger Roy and Ann said...

I just read your blog from Oct 12
My wife and I are in a very similar place as you. I retired last March, actually I was laid off from my job, so I decided to retire. My wife, Ann, will retire in the end of December.
We plan on leaving in January for 3 months. Come back in April and get the house ready to be sold. After it is sold we will be truly Full timers.
Last month I diagnosed with prostate cancer. The urologist who is a surgeon wants me to see the oncologist. I am going to see him next week and then make a decision which way to go. So we hope to hit the road on schedule.
Hope all works well for you. I will be watching your Blog to keep up.
Hope to see you on the road.

Friday, October 22, 2010  

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