Friday, December 24, 2010

Here's an update on what's been going on since my last post:

We had Satellite Advantage come out and set up a tripod and dish next to the fifth wheel and get both TVs hooked up.  We now have TV!

We've visited with friends, Mike & Mary, who live across the street from the house we used to own in Quartzsite...they also usually stay in the Spokane area during the summer. 

We found a new restaurant, Dos Amigos on US-60 as you head east on US-60 toward Salome.  It's owned by the same people who used to own Taco Mio in Quartzsite.  Like Taco Mio, Dos Amigos has good Mexican food...we'll definitely be going there again!  We've also gone to two other favorite places to eat...Taco Mio, of course, as well as Silly Al's that has great pizza as well as other Italian food. 

We still haven't gotten the slide fixed on the camper.  We ordered a new remote hoping that would solve the problem.  It didn't, although we would still have needed a new remote, anyway, since the old one no longer had lights that lit up when buttons were pressed.  The Happy Jack factory is closed until after the first of the year, so we won't be getting a new control board until then.  No telling when we'll finally get the slide fixed!

Diesel is much cheaper here than it was in Washington!  When we left Spokane on the 7th, we filled up at a station in Ritzville for $3.489 per gallon.  Yesterday, we filled up at the Chevron in Quartzsite for $3.199 per gallon!  However, it's much more expensive compared to last December when we filled up on the 14th at $2.699 per gallon!

We drove up to the Wal Mart in Parker this week to get fixin's for Christmas dinner tomorrow:  ham, yams, rice, pie and ice cream. 

Hope everyone has a very merry Christmas tomorrow!


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