Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Picking up Flame

Earl and I drove down to Tucson on Saturday, arriving at Tari's place around 1:00 PM.  While this was an exciting time for us, Tari had just buried her dog, Wave, after he had been hit by a car when he escaped from his new home, so our excitement was tempered by sadness for Wave's passing.  We had met Wave when we visited with Tari a couple of weekends ago...he was a wonderful dog who greeted us enthusiastically without any hesitation because we were strangers.

Tari brought Flame into the livingroom where he and Gracie had lots of fun playing together again.  We discovered that Gracie doesn't know when to stop playing, so we would occasionally have to intervene to give everyone a time out.  I imagine once the newness of having a puppy to play with begins to wear off, Gracie will learn that she can take breaks once in awhile (and, in fact, this is beginning to happen as she gets used to having a playmate around).

We took Flame out to the camper with us at bedtime and put him in his crate where he proceeded to howl, scream, and whine for what seemed like hours, but was probably only about half an hour.  We finally put Gracie in the crate with him, and that quieted him down so that we could get some sleep!  We were awakened shortly after 4:00 AM, so took the dog out to do their business.

Our original plan was to do shopping at both Costco and PetCo in Tucson.  But, as we sat there before the sun was even up, we decided that we could drive to Phoenix and be there just about the time Costco opened, plus we'd be that much closer to home.  I was hoping to say goodbye to Tari before we left, but she wasn't up yet, so I called her around 7:30 AM to explain our plans and say goodbye.

We stopped in Eloy for breakfast, and arrived at the Costco at I-10 and 99th Avenue just a couple of minutes before they opened at 10:00 AM.  After finishing shopping there, we went by the PetsMart to pick up some stuff for Flame.

We've now had Flame home for almost two days and he's doing well.  Tari taught the puppies to do their business in an outside X-pen, so we've continued putting him in there to go...if only we could teach Gracie to go in there, too!

Flame is really affectionate...he sees you coming, and he puts his little ears back, smiles, sits down and scootches closer, and wiggles his little butt!  Of course, we have to watch him like a hawk since he likes to chew on anything he can get his mouth around, and to make sure we take him out before he does his business in the RV!

Here are some pictures we've taken since we've brought Flame home:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Linda and Earl,
I just Googled "We travel full time in our Truck Camper." I saw your comment and a picture of a Basenji. I told my husband, "I think they have a Basenji." Now, I see you have two! We also have two Basenjis. How do you find traveling in a truck Camper with two Basenjis? Do you have a Quad? Is it possible for them to go through the back window to the camper while you are traveling? As you can tell we know little about Truck Camper Camping. We have a 40 ft. Diesel and want to downsize to something more nimble and versatile...something I feel more comfortable driving.

Friday, March 04, 2011  
Blogger Earl and Linda said...

Rande, Flame is our 3rd Basenji, but we only have one currently...our other dog is a Brussels Griffon. We do not have a quad. And, no, they do not go through the window into the camper when we're traveling...we would never let our pets have free run of a moving vehicle! Gracie (the Brussels Griffon) wears a seat belt harness attached to the seat belt. Flame, because he's so young, rides in a crate.

Saturday, March 05, 2011  
Blogger Michael Ultra said...

Hi guys,
I just started following you two. We have a lot in common. My new blog is at http://rv0777.blogspot.com/. Bet I see you out there. Tucson was my home for years.

Saturday, March 05, 2011  

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