Thursday, January 13, 2011

On Monday, January 3, Earl called the Happijac company about our slide and jack problem.  The guy Earl spoke with asked that we send him the controller and the remote.  Earl disconnected the controller and we went down to the Salome post office to send the items off to Happijac in a Priority Mail box.  Earl talked to the guy again this past Tuesday (11th) to find out what was happening.  They got both working and are sending them back via UPS...they should be here today or tomorrow.  Hopefully, once the controller is reconnected, everything will be working again.  Keep your fingers crossed!

We went to Dos Amigos, the Mexican restaurant near us, for my birthday on the 5th.  Their special on Wednesdays are two fish tacos with rice & refried beans, which we ordered...delicious!

Here are some pictures I've taken recently:

 The two pictures above were taken around the same time that all the rains were happening in California.  Although we didn't get much in the way of rain, we did get these dark clouds coming over one day.

 Our fifth wheel parked on our lot near Brenda

Gracie likes to find´╗┐ a little patch of sunshine to lay in.


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