Thursday, June 30, 2011


We started out the month taking a day trip up to Valley where my Grandfather was born hoping to find some Suiters buried in the local cemetery.  While we didn't find any Suiters, it was interesting walking through the cemetery looking at all the headstones.  Since it was near noon when we finished, we drove up to Chewelah to have lunch.

We've spent some money at the veterinarian this month...had to take Gracie in for an ear problem which turned out to be a yeast infection.  We were given an ear wash plus medicine for the infection...her ear is all cleared up now.  Yesterday (the 29th) we took Blaze in to be neutered.  While under, the vet repaired his umbilical hernia (common in Basenjis) and inserted a microchip plus gave him his rabies shot.  We're now supposed to keep him quiet for two weeks...yeah, well good luck with that!  Of course, Gracie keeps enticing him to play, so we have to tell her no.

I had some additional medical testing done (colonoscopy and blood draw for cholesterol levels and whatever else they're testing for).  The last colonoscopy I had done hadn't found any polyps, but this one found three small, instead of 10 years before the next one, I'll have to have another one done in five years (yuck...the test itself isn't bad, but the preparations for it are).

Blaze turned six months old on the 23rd.  He's a big boy...he's about 18" tall (normal for males is 17") and currently weighs about 28 pounds (although he's not overweight, we have cut back on his food since we'd like to keep him around 26 pounds).  Here are some current pictures:

We had a good crop of iris blooming, although not all the iris we transplanted last year bloomed (common the first year after transplanting).  Here are my grandmother's iris that bloomed this year (Grandmother, Mary Melvina Evans Suiter [Mel], was a well-known iris hybridizer in her time...late '40's through the '80's):









Anonymous michael ultra said...

The Iris is my most favorite flower. Thank you for the photos.

Thursday, June 30, 2011  
Blogger Kate said...

The iris are truly lovely,Thanks for sharing

Saturday, July 09, 2011  

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