Thursday, March 30, 2006

Lazy Dazers Visit

Ross & Beverly Taylor stopped by on their way through Quartzsite to visit us. Ross & Beverly stayed with us back in November 2004 after picking up their brand new Lazy Daze at the factory in Montclair, California.

We had a really nice visit with them, catching up on the year plus since we'd last seen each other. We had dinner at La Casa, one of the Mexican restaurants in Q.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Q Mountain Subdivision had a potluck today. We normally don't go to these get togethers (except maybe at Thanksgiving and/or Christmas), but the neighbor who lives behind us was one of the hosts, so we decided it would probably be nice to make this one.

I made a spicy rice dish with sausage in our Nissan Thermal Cooker. From what I could see, Earl & I were the only ones who brought liquor (wine) to drink! We left as soon as dinner was over with and the drawings for a prize were held...we didn't win :( .

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Boomer Visit

Sarah & Richard Shong (fellow Boomers we met at a Fall Escapade a few years ago) stopped in Quartzsite for a couple of days on their way to a rally in California.

We drove out to where they were parked at the Dome Mountain BLM area to check out their new motorhome. We had a great visit with them, culminating with dinner at the Grubstake (where we all had fish & chips).