Saturday, February 24, 2007

Although we have 3 LCD TV's, none of them fit in the space available for a TV in the bedroom (except for the smallest one which has a poor picture unless you're looking at it straight on). So we took a trip down to Yuma to see if we could find one that would fit the space.

Our first stop was Best Buy where we found a Magnavox flat screen TV (not an LCD) that would work. Before buying it, though, we decided to drive over to Circuit City to take a look at what they had and found the very same TV on sale for $10 less! We also found a very nice, small LCD TV, but it was almost $300, so we decided the $80 Magnavox TV would work just fine!

After buying the TV, we had lunch at Quiznos.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

We took the Excel to RV Lifestyles to have a propane line installed inside for a ceramic brick propane heater (which we'll use with a quick connect).

Boomers, Tom and Judy Fisher, called to see if we could get together while they're still in town, so after picking up the rig, we had dinner with them at Palo Verde Cafe and then came back to the house for awhile.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

We took a trip over to the Ace Hardware in Blythe to purchase a cordless drill. It will come in handy for several things around the rig, including using it to quickly extend and retract the rear stabilizing jacks. We also got a couple of 2.5 gallon gas cans for the generators.

Monday, February 12, 2007

We had dinner with Jack and Jeannette Walker again, this time at Palo Verde Cafe. We were originally going to go to the Grubstake for fish and chips, but they are closed on Monday! We tried a couple of different restaurants which were either also closed on Monday or, like Silly Al's (which has great pizza), very busy. We all had a good meal at Palo Verde Cafe, though, so were glad we ended up there.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

We visited with Jack and Jeannette Walker, Lazy Daze owners who are spending a couple of days in Quartzsite. We had a very nice visit with them over dinner at La Casa Del Ranchero and then they came back to our place to see our Excel.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Earl and I went out to buy some more Dual Lock at the local Radio Shack to hang more stuff up on the wall in the RV. Earl decided that, while we were out, we'd stop by Eric's RV Performance Center (where we'd had the Pac Brake installed) to ask about having a transmission temperature gauge installed...bad idea!

While Eric didn't think it was really necessary to have the gauge installed on our transmission, we did see that he also carried the Doran Pressure Pro (tire pressure monitoring system) which we'd been considering buying. We left Eric's just a little poorer than we'd gone in! :-)

Monday, February 05, 2007

Lorri took us out to breakfast at Taco Mio.

While I took Lorri to our storage shed to pick up some items there that she's taking, Earl went by the vet to pick up the results of Maxx's Valley Fever test (just about the same :-( ), and to get some more food.

Later in the afternoon, after Lorri had left, we had a visit from George Bruzenak and Jaimie Hall. It was great to see them again, particularly since the last time we'd seen them was back in March at the Maxwell Satellite rally in Tucson last year.

Earl and I went out to dinner at the Grubstake and had fish and chips. They have very good fish and chips, but next time we go, we'll order just one dinner and split it!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

My sister, Lorri, came over from Los Angeles for a visit and to pick up some stuff that we were getting rid of. We have a very nice set of china (service for 12) and silverware that my Grandmother gave to me (also a service for 12) that Lorri took. I hated giving up the silverware, but we obviously won't have use for a service for 12 of anything, and since Lorri does a lot of entertaining, she'll get a lot of use out of it. We gave her a bunch of other stuff, too, so we're feeling a bit lighter! Still, there's a bunch yet to get rid of.

We've been busy moving stuff into the new rig and hanging stuff up on the wall. We have a wonderful TerBush signed and numbered print that we hated to get rid of, but it was framed in glass and very heavy. So we took it out of the frame, leaving it matted, and hung it on a bedroom wall as is. Our new home is actually staring to really look like home!

Meg and Mel Rich (New Horizons owners who we'd met at a New Horizons rally) came by for a visit. That's the one great thing about living in Quartzsite: sooner or later almost all the RVers you meet out on the road come here. Of course, not all of them stop to visit, but we enjoy visiting with those who do!