Sunday, November 05, 2006

Back on the road to fulltiming

It's been awhile since I've updated this blog, but we've been really busy since we've returned to Quartzsite.

One of the first things we did when we returned was to put our house up for sale (so far, no one has been shown through the house, but Quartzsite is still pretty sparsely populated...we don't expect any real action until probably sometime in December).

We also rented a storage room so that we could start clearing out the house and the shed of "stuff" so that they wouldn't look so cluttered. Some of the items moved to storage we'll eventually get rid Grandmother's furniture, for example, will go to my Mother or to other family. Some of it will go into our new RV, and other stuff we'll either donate or put into a garage sale. We have already taken a load of things over to the local Salvation Army.

As part of the clearing-out process, we bought a shredder so that I could go through over 20 years of tax forms (back to 1982!!!) and get rid of them. We filled up about 3 big garbage bags full of shredded paper!

Last Sunday, we drove over to Mesa and spent the night at the Mesa Buckhorn Elks Lodge. Monday morning, we visited Sunfire RV to look at Excel fifth wheels and Earnhardt's to look at HitchHiker II LS and Carriage Cameo LXI fifth wheels. We really like the Excel (although the other two are very nice, too), so when we got back home, we made up a list of all the options we wanted to order and sent a letter to the salesman at Sunfire RV we're dealing with. Hopefully, we'll be able to reach an agreement on price and can get the fifth wheel ordered. The fifth wheel we hope to order is the Excel Classic 30RKE (click on "Specifications and Floorplans" and then "30RKE" to see the floorplan).

Then on Friday, we drove over to Larry Green's in Blythe to order a pickup. We ended up buying one because, as we found out, Chevy is not making any more pickups until sometime next year (around May, we were told) because of the change-over to the new Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel engines. So it was either buy one now, or wait until May to order one. And, since we didn't really want one of the new engines (we were told that they will be lower in horsepower and torque), we decided to go ahead and get one now. Fortunately, the salesman was able to find one that pretty much fit our requirements (it has some stuff that we probably wouldn't have ordered, like OnStar and an XM radio...we're Sirius subscribers, and have a lifetime subscription). It should be here sometime this week. Oh...the truck we ordered is a Chevy Classic Silverado 3500 with dual rear wheels, the Duramax diesel engine, and the Allison transmission.

Through all this, we did find time to take Maxx to the local vet to have a complete blood panel done including a Valley Fever titer. We changed medications and got some special canned food to mix in with Maxx's dry food. So far, Maxx seems to be doing OK...he has his good days and his not-so-good days, but at least he's still eating well and has put on a little bit of weight, although he's still not up to his normal 24-25 pounds.

We've really enjoyed our Lazy Daze while we've had it; however, it's too small for us to fulltime in, and while we both like the Lazy Daze 30' in the Twin Bed configuration, it has too little CCC (Cargo Carrying Capacity). Thus our search for a larger RV in which to return to fulltiming.


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