Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just because a person works somewhere doesn't mean they know what they're talking about. Unfortunately, this is a fact often lost on people.

Earl took the truck in this morning to have brand new Toyo tires put on. They're LT235/80R17 Load Range E...same size as the OEM tires, just a different brand (which were Generals).

The guy at the tire shop insisted that the tires have to be inflated to 80 PSI for best wear...says that's what Toyo recommends. Knowing a little something about tires myself, that didn't sound right to me, so I went to Toyo's website and looked up their Tire Load Inflation Tables, http://cache.toyotires.com/sites/default/files/loadinflationtable.pdf (see page 21).

The Maximum Load Inflation information on the driver's door of our Dodge says 60 PSI front, 65 PSI rear. Looking at Toyo's chart, 60 PSI would yield a load of 2,545# per tire, or a total of 5,090# for the front axle...the front GAWR of the Dodge is only 4,756#. For the rear duallies, a 65 PSI would yield a load of 2,470# per tire, or a total of 9,880# for the rear axle...the rear GAWR is only 9,350#.

So, the guy at the tire store doesn't know what he's talking about...Toyo DOESN'T recommend 80 PSI for our truck...we can go back to the 60 PSI front/65 PSI rear that we've been running.

When we first bought our truck we ordered long metal tire stems (NOT extenders) from The Tireman in Ridgecrest, California. Here's a picture (scroll down to the bottom of the page). The guy at the tire shop was going to take those off and throw them away, but Earl told him NO WAY!!! We didn't pay $120 plus shipping just to have them thrown away each time we get new tires! Earl was told, "Well, we're required to replace the valve stems with new ones when we put new tires on." Perhaps *regular* tire stems, but certainly NOT the specialty tire stems we have!

So, just because a person works at a tire store (or for an RV dealer), doesn't mean he's an expert on tires (or RVs). Always do your homework beforehand...know the answer before asking the question.


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