Friday, March 20, 2009

We left B-10 Campground this morning and headed to RV Lifestyles where we had the gray tank valve fixed (it just meant an adjustment to the pull cable). We also had them install an exterior drain valve "just in case." While we could live with a leaking gray water valve, having a leak in the black water valve would be a major disaster, not to mention messy! The exterior valve will act as a backup and prevent such an occurrence.

RV Lifestyles was also going to install the RollGard, but James couldn't get in touch with the people at Amtech to find out how to install it on a truck that has overload springs. Instead of waiting around, we decided to drive over to American Custom Tire so they could install the new tires on the fifth wheel.

Getting the tires on the fifth wheel took until about noon. We drove back to RV Lifestyles, unhooked the truck, ran the slides out and had lunch while they were installing the Rollgard.

All in all, this has been an expensive day...but it's not over with yet, since we'll be back to American Custom Tire on Tuesday to have new tires put on the truck!

After everything was done, we headed out to Dome Rock BLM area west of town to boondock for a week or so.


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