Sunday, June 07, 2009

We'll be leaving Pink House Recreation Site tomorrow morning and driving up to Dent Acres Campground along the eastern shores of Dworshak Reservoir. I don't know how long we'll be there, but assuming there is no Internet access (I'd be very surprised if there were), we'll probably be there only two or three days.

When we leave Dent Acres our plans are to drive up the Elk River Backcountry Byway to Elk River (depending on the weather...the road from Dent Acres to Elk River is gravel). From Elk River, our plans are to drive SR-8 to Bovill, SR-3 to St. Maries, and then FR-50 along the St. Joe River. According to our Benchmark Idaho Atlas, we can access I-90 near St. Regis, Montana via FR-388 and FR-282. We'll stop in at the Avery Ranger Station, though, before trying to drive this latter route.

I imagine that we'll have Internet access in St. Maries, but other than that, Internet access (as well as cell phone service) will, I'm sure, be pretty much don't count on hearing from us anytime soon.


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