Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Campanula rotundifolia

Today is Maxx's 14th birthday! He's not doing too bad for a dog whose average life expectancy is 12 to 14 years, especially considering he's had Valley Fever for 3 years and now heart problems, probably due to the VF. Happy birthday, Maxx!

Last night we spent at South Fork SRA, south of Elko, Nevada. We found a site overlooking the reservoir. This is a nice campground...it would have been even better had it not been for the two young men who brought in a muscle car and had to keep revving the engine, and the grandfather who arrived after dark with his two young grandchildren and proceeded to let them scream. Fortunately, by the time we went to bed, everyone had quieted down.

We're now at Wild Horse SRA north of Elko, near the Nevada/Idaho border. We again have a site overlooking the reservoir and, so far at least, are the only people in this loop. Everyone else in this campground is crowded into one of the other loops. It always amazes me that given lots of room, some people feel a need to pick the spot right next to another camper. We were once parked at a BLM area south of Lake Havasu City...we were the only ones there, until someone else arrived and proceeded to set up within about 30 feet from us, despite the fact that there were acres in which to park!


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