Monday, August 24, 2009

Chamerion angustifolium

On Thursday, the 20th, we left Wild Horse SRA and drove to my mother's house, stopping in Owyhee to fill up with diesel ($2.619) and in Mountain Home to have lunch at McDonalds.

Mom fed us a great dinner that night of homemade lasagna and the next night we had roast chicken...all delicious! On Saturday night, we took Mom to Krung Thai in brother and sister-in-law apparently don't like Thai food all that well, so we usually try to go there when we're visiting.

We had a great visit with Mom...didn't get to see my brother, Andy, or his boys as they were all off on a Scout camping trip, but we did get to see my sister-in-law, Kim.

We left my Mom's house yesterday and stopped in Nampa for groceries at Wal-Mart. We stopped in Baker City for diesel at the Albertsons ($2.709) and had the truck and camper washed at a truck/RV wash. Unfortunately, we left the chair, table, over-the-ladder caddy on which these two items were hung, and two bungee cords there...Earl had taken all the stuff off the ladder so that they could wash back we'll have to go back and get them!

The first thing we did when we got to La Grande was to go by the storage yard to turn on the refrigerator in the RV, in preparation for getting stuff transferred from the camper to the fifth wheel. We then drove out to Hilgard Junction State Park to spend the night.

This morning after breakfast, we drove out to Eagle Cap to have the bathroom vent repaired...they ended up replacing it with a Fantastic Fan...for free, which we didn't expect. They also took care of a couple of other small items.

We then went by the storage yard to get a spot for the camper and then had lunch at Denny's.

After lunch, we went by Thunder RV to pick up a couple of gallons of RV antifreeze since we'll be leaving the camper in La Grande over the winter, but they didn't have any in stock yet (as Dan pointed out, it's a bit early for most people to be winterizing, but we most likely won't be back to La Grande until next spring), but D&B Supply down the road had some in stock, so we went there and bought two gallons.

We're now at La Grande Rendezvous RV Resort where we will clean out the gray and black tank really well tomorrow morning, and drain the fresh water tank.


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