Monday, May 03, 2010

I just couldn't stand it anymore, so I looked up the website of the listing realtor on our house, got her email address, and emailed a letter letting her know how upset and angry we were about the situation with the house and how poorly we think she handled it. The letter wasn't angry...just a statement of facts and an expression of our feelings.

She wrote back a nice response, except that she took no responsibility for the mess...tried, in fact, to put it off on our realtor. She just doesn't get it: When the seller signed the sales agreement, it was clearly stated that possession would take place on closing. If, at a later date, the seller realized that he would not be able to live up to the contract he signed, he should have contacted his realtor (which he did) and his realtor should then have prepared a WRITTEN addendum which she should have presented to our realtor for our approval and signature. This, of course, was not done and WE knew nothing about the seller not being able to move out of the house as agreed in the sales contract until we arrived at the door of the house on Friday.

She did indicate in her email, however, that the seller WILL be out of the house on Tuesday afternoon. We shall see...I'm not holding my breath until we actually see an empty house!

In the meantime, we decided to get out of Spokane and check out some sites noted in the Escapees' Day's End listings and, perhaps, find new places to report.

Our first stop on Saturday was the Deer Park City Park...10 back-in sites with 30-amp electric for $10 per night, although we could find no place to pay and no one came around to collect. Perhaps it's too early in the year for the powers that be to think about people camping in their city park, or as someone else opined, it was because it was the weekend.

On Sunday, we checked out a few places in both Chewelah and Colville on which to report, and then ended up at the city park in Northport, about seven miles from the Canadian border. This park has six sites with 20-amp electric and water for $5 per night...this time, there was an "iron ranger" in which to deposit the money.

This morning, we waited out a wind and rain storm in Northport and then headed out for Colville, stopping at Arby's to have lunch. We pulled into Leo Lake Campground, a USFS campground about 29 miles east of Colville on SR-20. This is campground is free and has eight sites. We were planning on spending the night until around 6:30 PM or so when we realized is was really, really cold out and would more than likely get down to freezing or below overnight. We therefore, decided to head down to a lower elevation for a bit warmer weather.

Originally, we were going to stop at Pend Oreilly County Park for the night, but it was closed (not yet open for the summer season, or a permanent closure, I don't know...I'll have to see what I can find out online). At any rate, we're back at the City Park in Deer Park for the night.


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