Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I checked out Pend Oreille County Park online and found out that they do not open until Memorial Day, so that explains why they weren't open when we stopped the other day.

We returned to Spokane on Tuesday and went by the house in the afternoon to find that the previous owner had, indeed moved out. We also found a check he left for us to pay rent for the four days he was there after ownership transferred to us and a proration of the lot rent. This was totally unexpected (since we had told out realtor not to bother with getting any money), but we did appreciate the kind gesture. He also left a few items for us, among them the four patio chairs on the porch! This, too, was unexpected, but much appreciated. They are nice chairs and will save us a bit of money since we won't have to buy them.

We parked in the driveway and proceeded to unload the stuff we'd bought earlier for the house...silverware, dinnerware, and a combination convection/toaster oven. Since furniture wouldn't be delivered until the next day, we spent the night in the camper.

This morning after breakfast, we drove up to the Wal Mart in Airway Heights to get a bunch of stuff for the house...garbage cans for the kitchen & bathroom, kitchen utensils, cast iron frying pan and dutch oven, drinking glasses (actually, stemless red wine and white wine glasses) short, all the little things needed for a house. Of course, we still have more things to get, but we've got the basics for now.

We'd pretty much gotten all the stuff unloaded and put away when the furniture was delivered: 4 chairs for the living room (2 recliners and 2 "regular" chairs) plus an end table and lamp for each pair; a bed and dresser; a sofa table (which we're going to use as an entertainment center on which to place the TV (which we haven't bought yet), and a kitchen table and 4 chairs. What we weren't told when we bought the latter, was that the table and chairs had to be put together! It wasn't a very difficult job, but we only put two of the chairs together today...we'll get to the rest of them later.

Anyway, it's nice and cozy in here and we're looking forward to sleeping in our new house and bed tonight!

I'll take some pictures and post them at a later date.


Blogger Jaimie Hall-Bruzenak said...

Glad you were able to get in your house! My son and family lived there for at least 10 years so I've visited a few times. Nice city except for the roads for getting around!


Thursday, May 06, 2010  
Blogger Earl and Linda said...

You're right about the roads! Spokane probably has some of the worst roads within the city than and place we've been! We lived here from 1977 through 1985, and I don't think they're any better now than they were then. Nevertheless, we still like Spokane.

Thursday, May 06, 2010  

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