Friday, May 07, 2010

Yesterday was another busy day getting stuff for the house.

We started at Target and picked up a bedspread, plus two end tables and lamps to put on them. The end tables are actually just stools that we'll probably paint black...or put a round table cloth on them if I can find the right size in a color or print that I like. We have limited space on either side of the bed (about 14" maximum) that limits what we can put there. We saw some really nice end tables at Pier 1, but they were something like $120 each, which we didn't feel like paying.

Our next stop was Pier 1 where we bought place mats and a room divider screen to cover a window in the living room that doesn't have any window treatment. I don't know the story behind the window not having any window treatment, but the guy who lived here before us had a mirrored room divider screen in front of the window. The mirrored divider really looked nice, but mirrored ones are really expensive! The divider screen we got has fabric panels which go with the furniture and can be changed in the, since the floor model was the only one they had left, we got a very good discount on it!

Third, and last, was a trip to Best Buy to buy a TV...a Toshiba 40" LCD HDTV. Now all we need is to have someone come out and attach a dish to the house and run cables (the previous owner had cable). Once we get the TV up and running, the house will really feel like home!

Today we bought a printer, but when I got it home, I discovered that it didn't come with a cable to connect it to the computer, so we'll have to go back out tomorrow to pick one up.


Blogger Mary & Mike said...

Glad to see you are again settled in a house. Must seem big. See you soon. M&M

Sunday, May 09, 2010  

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