Thursday, May 20, 2010

We are now bonifide Washington State our license plates today! The only downside was that, since we didn't pay sales tax when we bought our camper, we had to pay it here. :-( But in future years, our licensing fees will be even less than they were in South Dakota (of course, South Dakota doesn't license campers).

Our new refrigerator was delivered last week and the old one put out by the shed for Avista to come and pick up. The new refrigerator sure is a lot quieter than the old one! Plus the fact that the new refrigerator doesn't leak water into the refrigerator compartment when it goes through its defrosting cycle.

We bought a bunch of flowers yesterday to plant in the three planters out front. In fact, we got so many, that we pulled out the two rectangular planters that the previous owner had left and planted those, too, putting them on either side of the walkway.


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